Role of the Group
  • To promote and improve the professionalism and profile of claims management within the life insurance industry.
  • To provide education, training and development particular to claims issues.
  • To promote social interaction.
  • To lobby organisations for claims education development.
  • To promote claims management best practice and ethics within the life insurance industry.
  • To encourage the sharing of knowledge.

If you wish to pay for seminar attendance at a CMG function by direct deposit or you would like to ask us a question, provide feedback, make a suggestion or otherwise contact us, please email a member of the Committee.

Notes and/or presentations on various seminars held by CMG can be downloaded below.


Michael Richardson

Deputy Chairperson
Niamh McCormack
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Chad Byrne
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Myles Kennedy

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Margaret Dennis

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Claims Managers Dinner
(Invitation only)

Pro forma invoice

7 August 2014

Seminar Downloads
Title Speaker Date Download

Legal Insights 2014

TPD Claims - A consumer's perspective

Procedural Fairness

Developing Issues in TPD Claims


John Berrill, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

Rebecca Whittle & Claire Machin, Henry Davis York

HWL Ebsworth
Nicholas Matkovich & Diren Fernando

20 February 2014







Legal Insights 2013

New Remedies for non-Disclosure and Misrepresentation

The Meaning of Life



John Myatt & Ros Wicks - Turks Legal

Nicholas Matkovich & Diren Fernando - HWL Ebsworth

28 February 2013


pdf - 69 KB

pdf - 401 KB

Medical Update 2013

Strategies for managing Mental Illness Claims from a rehabilitation perspective

How to assist claimants with mental illness from a business coaching and financial perspective


Karen Stewart and George Trippis  - Asteron

Melanie Jocumsen - Better Business Outcomes

16 May 2013



pdf - 196 KB

pdf - 401 KB

Managing Objective claims that
become Subjective claims

Greg Fathers - Psychologist

Dr Matthew Paul - Occupational Physician

Teresa Mitchell-Patterson - Naturopath

Linda Winterbottom Rehabilitation Consultant


  7 June 2012

pdf - 269 KB

pdf - 140 KB


pdf - 331 KB


pdf - 490 KB

2012 Legal Insights

Henry Davis York - Duties of an Insurer

                                - TPD Policies

Turks Legal - "Facebook: Friend or Foe?" and
Non-disclosure and misrepresentation (together)

23 February 2012

pdf - 980 KB


pdf -   90 KB


pdf - 351 KB

MiniLuca 2011 - this function was a combined CMG NSW and ALUCA NSW event. 
Presentations are on the ALUCA NSW page

Mental Illness & Insurance a different perspective
FSC The Mental Health MoU Past, Present & Future
  How does beyondblue work?
  Resources to assist return to work of people with mental illness

Brian Sussman & Roy Johnson, RGA

Nick Arvanitis

5 May

pdf - 1953 KB

pdf - 343 KB

pdf - 20 KB

Legal Update 2011

Proving Fraud - the Hurdles and Consequences - Presentation slides

     Proving Fraud - the Hurdles and Consequences - notes

     Pre-existing Condition Clauses in Direct Products - how to apply them - notes

Repudiation of Income Protection Contracts - Presentation slides    

Catherine McAdam
    Henry Davis York

Alph Edwards - Turks Legal

pdf - 139 KB


pdf -   70 KB


pdf -   54 KB


pdf - 347 KB

Legal Update 2008
Claims Management Practice Some Issues for 2008 Paul Hastings pdf - 207 KB
When should TPD be Assessed? TurksLegal pdf - 398 KB
Rehabilitation Seminar May 2008
The Scope of Rehabilitation Julie MacCormick pdf - 76 KB
Employability Margaret Black pdf - 144 KB
Rehabilitation Dr Tim Anderson pdf - 690 KB
TPD - ete,etc Paul Hastings May 2006 pdf - 36 KB