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Careers in Life Insurance

A career in life insurance can be diverse, exciting and challenging. Those who are in the industry talk passionately about it. Yet despite this life insurance is mostly invisible to school leavers and university graduates. Like many of our members we think this should change!

So if you are thinking about your career options and a professional services career appeals – life insurance should be high on your list. Take it from those in the know.

For more about careers in life insurance check out the careers in insurance website at

Have a look at some of the reasons why TAL’s highly regarded Chief Executive Officer was attracted to a career in life insurance and what he loves about it. This was taken from an interview Brett Clark very kindly provided in ALUCA’s Spring conference edition of RiskeBusiness in 2016. You can read the full article in the Members Centre.

Brett Clark, Chief Executive Officer, TAL

Q: What attracted you to a career in the life insurance industry?

It was actually a career that found me! I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do after High school. So I studied for a commerce degree. I found out about insurance at university and that’s how my career began in insurance. I started with Australian Eagle Insurance in 1990 and have been in insurance ever since that time.

Q: What would you say to graduates today looking to a career in life insurance?

It is such a wonderful and fulfilling career. There are not many jobs in financial services where you can do so much good for people and for communities. In this industry we are ultimately helping people going through difficult times and I find that incredibly rewarding.

It’s also a very interesting time to be entering the life insurance industry. We are at a tipping point as we move to a more customer led thinking approach. So a great opportunity for graduates to be part of this change.

Q: What are the key skill sets/capabilities you think Underwriters and Claims Managers will need in the future?

As I said before the industry is at a tipping point. U/writers and Claims Managers as well as Actuaries and product staff need to find the right balance between managing the technical skills that they need to effectively manage risk but also balancing strong customer skills. They need to be responsive and empathetic to customer needs and creative around processes and techniques. It’s a fast paced industry so the challenge is how we move these traditional technical disciplines into this customer space whilst managing the risk part of their roles.

About Life Insurance: new to industry

For students or those considering a career in life insurance you can read more about the different types of life insurance in this moneysmart article that includes Total and permanent disability (TPD) cover, Trauma cover and income protection as well as life insurance sometimes known as death cover.