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Joining ALUCA is much more than a simple membership. It also delivers recognition for your qualifications, skills and experience in the life insurance industry.

Many members start out with a “member” category of ALUCA membership which requires no proof of qualifications or years spent in life insurance or underwriting or claims $ authority levels. People with an active interest in life insurance can also join at this level. If you currently do not know any ALUCA members to be your proposer and seconder call ALUCA’s Secretariat Officer on 612 9431 8654.

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Higher levels of ALUCA membership

When you choose to become a member, you are also stepping onto an accreditation ladder which will reward you for your professional development and years of service. The five levels begin with the ‘Member’ category, which requires no accredited education achievements, to our highest level of ‘Fellow’, which requires a high level of accredited education qualifications and more than 15 years in the life insurance industry. We also have an accreditation ladder for those who have worked in personal injury insurance or occupational rehabilitation within life insurance.

In this way, an ALUCA membership rewards you for your commitment to the industry and to developing your professional skills. Whether you’re starting out, or want recognition for your career and achievements so far, ALUCA gives you a pathway to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and an independent accreditation that speaks volumes to employers and colleagues.