Joanne Hetherington, TAL

Joanne Hetherington, TAL

Joanne is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of forensic accounting experience. She started her career working for one of the ‘Big 4’ accounting firms where she specialised as an expert witness for Court purposes, quantifying economic losses for personal injury cases and commercial litigation matters.

Joanne has subsequently gained fifteen years’ experience in the life insurance industry, primarily providing technical support for underwriters, claims assessors and product teams, she feels that the extensive knowledge of the life insurance industry she has gained through her experiences and in being across so many different areas and channels make her a great candidate to act as an ALUCA board member.

She joined TAL in 2011 and subsequently was appointed into a newly created role as Head of Financial Health. During this time, she led the development of TAL’s financial health proposition, a key pillar of TAL’s Health Strategy which champions a holistic approach to our customers physical, mental and financial health. She built up a team of forensic accountants who provide expert financial opinion across both underwriting and claims as well as provide expert technical opinion for product development and improvements. Joanne personally lead the financial though leadership and training programs at TAL, working closely with the TAL Risk Academy to educate TAL Advisers and our internal underwriting and claims teams to help increase financial risk efficacy across the business.

Joanne is passionate about the life insurance industry and in helping our customers achieve sound financial health through ensuring that financial risk is adequately assessed both at underwriting and claim time.

When not immersed in calculations, Jo likes to spend her time travelling, playing golf or unwinding with some yoga.