The ALUCA CPLI framework


ALUCA’s new Certified Professional Life Insurance (CPLI) membership is based on a continuous professional development (CPD) pathway that aligns to the ALUCA capabilities framework,  a high-level best practice industry capability framework for Underwriters, Claims and Rehabilitation Managers to develop and promote the skills and capabilities required by these roles now and into the future.



A key objective for the CPLI program was to provide a highly recognised and valued accreditation – very specific to Life Insurance – that lifts the standard and professional status for qualified life insurance underwriters, claims and rehabilitation managers.



The CPLI scheme is designed to demonstrate that Certified Professional: Life Insurance (CPLI) members have relevant life insurance industry experience, undertake continuous professional development via an annual CPD program and meet the high level requirements of the ALUCA Capabilities framework.  This sets a professional benchmark and an ongoing high standard for the profession. If you want to know more about ALUCA’s CPLI membership, view the CPLI FAQ’s here.



  • Strengthens the careers and professionalism of accredited members
  • Provides an objective means for distinguishing individuals who can meet recognised professional standards
  • Strengthens the industry’s reputation with business and the community
  • Helps with building competencies with continuous learning.



Certified Professional: Life Insurance ALUCA membership is only available to life insurance underwriters and/or claims manager/and or rehabilitation members with at least 2+ years life insurance industry experience, and educational qualifications relevant to each category of CPLI level membership. Please note if you do not have life insurance industry experience that you can still join ALUCA as an ordinary member.  You can view the tables below to see what CPLI level you may qualify for.

The five levels of membership are designed to both recognise and encourage members to continue their development and obtain recognition for their experience and study.


Setting The Professional Benchmark : Certified Professional Life Insurance (CPLI)


Members (Not CPLI Accredited)Education Points Required Specific to BusinessYears in Life Insurance as
Capability Framework Level as U/writer/Claims/Rehab
Member01 to 2 yrsLevel 1: Trainee/Emerging
Accredited CPLI Level
Affiliate CPLI1 to 3 points2 to 4 yrsLevel 1 - 2: Core
Associate CPLI4 to 7 points5 to 9 yrsLevel 2 -3: Core to Advanced
Associate Fellow CPLI8+ points10+ yrsLevel 3 -4: Advanced to Expert
Fellow CPLI8+ points & a published paper re life insurance15+yrsLevel 4: Expert



Education points are calculated upon completion of these programs:

G&T Risk ManagementTrainee UW Program3
Appropriate Hospital or ProviderMedical Terminology1
Reinsurer or InsurerApproved Training Program3
Personal Injury Education Foundation (PIEF)Cert IV in Personal Injury Management (Return to Work)2
Personal Injury Education Foundation (PIEF)Cert IV in Personal Injury Management (Claims)2
Personal Injury Education Foundation (PIEF)Diploma of Personal Injury Management4
Personal Injury Education Foundation (PIEF)Graduate Certificate in Personal Injury Management6
Personal Injury Education Foundation (PIEF)Master of Personal Injury Management8
Academy of Life Underwriting (ALU)ALU1012
Academy of Life Underwriting (ALU)ALU2012
Academy of Life Underwriting (ALU)ALU2022
Academy of Life Underwriting (ALU)ALU3012
ANZIIFCert IV in Life Insurance2
ANZIIFDiploma of Life Insurance4
ANZIIFDiploma of Personal Injury Management4
ANZIIFDiploma in Financial Planning or Risk Management2
Chartered Ins Institute (CII)Certificate in Insurance2
Chartered Ins Institute (CII)Diploma in Insurance5
Chartered Ins Institute (CII)Advanced Diploma in Insurance8
Chartered Ins Institute (CII)Fellowship8
KAPLANCert IV in Life Insurance - Underwriting2
KAPLANCert IV in Life Insurance - Claims2
KAPLANDiploma in Financial Planning2
University/TAFEMaster of Business Administration/Master of Commerce8
University/TAFEBachelor of Medicine/Medical Practitioner8
University/TAFEBachelor of Accounting/Actuarial/Law8
University/TAFEBachelor Nursing/Registered Nurse6
University/TAFEBachelor Dietetics, Occupation Therapy, Physiotherapy6
University/TAFEBachelor of Business/Commerce with a Major in Insurance6
University/TAFEBachelor of Psychology, Rehabilitation Counselling, Social Work etc6
University/TAFEOther Allied Health Bachelor Degree or Graduate Diploma4
University/TAFEBachelor of Business/Commerce with NO Major in Insurance4
University/TAFEUnrelated Tertiary Education2
ALUMedical Risk Assessment Principles (MRAP) Exam 11.5
ALUMedical Risk Assessment Principles (MRAP) Exam 21.5