How to become a higher level member

For all memberships higher than ‘Member’ level, supporting documentation must be provided including qualifications and underwriting /claims authority levels signed by your Manager. Please note your Manager who signs off on your application may potentially be contacted for a reference check to verify this information.  The ALUCA Board will be the final adjudicator on all applications. This can take between  1 – 2 months as it will be sent to ALUCA’s Board for their consideration of your application.

In the meantime we will process higher level membership applications for ordinary membership so you can take full advantage of ALUCA’s many membership benefits whilst we undertake due diligence with higher level membership applications

The criteria for the membership categories may also be altered by the Board in future.

The Board will decide which degrees are relevant. The Board will accept, as relevant, degrees such as medical, actuarial, legal, accounting etc. A list of accepted qualifications will be maintained and published to members from time to time.

The experience that is considered relevant will be decided by the Board and will encompass life insurance risk management experience which would usually include decision-making authority.