CPD activities

Review the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities that are relevant to life insurance and therefore eligible for CPD points

What are the professional development activities?

All professional development activities that earn ALUCA CPD points are relevant to life insurance industry. They are broadly defined as those that: 

  • Result in an improvement and broadening of life insurance (underwriting, claims or rehabilitation) technical and specialist knowledge and skill, and
  • Impart the professional qualities (business competencies) needed throughout the career of life insurers in underwriting, claims or rehabilitation. 

These activities can include professional reading, attending seminars, courses, workshops, conferences, webinars, writing/publishing a paper, developing/delivering and receiving training, and volunteering/participating in special industry groups specific to life insurance.

What are suitable CPD activities?

The list of suitable CPD activities is constantly being refined and updated. The latest list contains the following Professional Development Activities, and includes all of the following:

  1. ALUCA self-paced – that is, watched an ALUCA recorded webinar or attended a past ALUCA event   
  1. Compulsory ALUCA Regulatory and Ethics webinar 
  2. Professional Reading 
  3. ALUCA Biennial Conference 
  4. ALUCA mini conference-half or full day 
  5. ALUCA course/workshop/seminar 
  6. ALUCA Webinar
  7. Non ALUCA conference 
  8. Non ALUCA course/workshop/seminar 
  9. Non ALUCA webinar 
  10. Developing/delivering paper published in a relevant journal 
  11. Developing/delivering guest lecture 
  12. Developing/delivering lecture to Tertiary students 
  13. Developing/delivering in-house training 
  14. Receiving in-house training
  15. Mentoring – receiving and giving 
  16. Internet and face to face based learning with validated enrolment 
  17. Professional development specific to career development and capability framework 
  18. Participating in special interest group specific to Life Insurance 
  19. Contribution/service to Life Insurance, including ALUCA Subgroup/Board
  20. Other 

CPD Content Guide – January to August 2021

ALUCA is committed to raising the professional standards of the life insurance industry through ALUCA’s education, CPLI accreditation and CPD activities.

This ALUCA CPD Content Guide depicts how many ALUCA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points have been offered from January – August 2021, by detailing all events, webinars and articles available across each of the key category competency areas. It provides an easy way for members to identify and remedy any gaps in their professional development progress for the year.

ALUCA CPLI accredited members are required to complete 40 hours of CPD each calendar year, with minimum hours across the 4 core competency areas. We encourage all ALUCA members to do this to ensure your skills, competencies and knowledge are up to date and relevant. 

Want to catch up on any of ALUCA’s webinars or articles?

Recorded Webinars are available in the ALUCA Member’s portal.

Many insightful Articles can be found on ALUCA’s RiskeBusiness page.

Please note: a maximum of 10 CPD points can be allocated towards reading materials.

CPD Logbook 

As a CPLI member, you are required to keep a record of your CPD activities. The CPD Logbook starts on 1 January each year and must be completed by 31 December of the same year. 

The CPD Logbook is in the ALUCA Members Centre

CPD audit 

Annual random CPD audits will be undertaken so it is important that you keep a record of all your professional development activities. You can do this via the self-serve online CPD points tracking tool in ALUCA’s Member Centre.