Get answers to frequently asked questions about ALUCA’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Why is my CPD point not showing on My Dashboard?

Each year on the 1st January, your CPD dashboard resets to zero. Your dashboard is an overview of your CPD points for each calendar year.

All your records/entries remain in your logbook and can be viewed at any time. If you would like an excel file download of your entries please contact the secretariat officer.


Yes. Log into the Members Centre and track your points in the CPD Logbook.  

The official requirement for undertaking CPD and keeping a record starts when a member becomes accredited, and this will be pro-rated for that calendar year.  

For all existing accredited members, it is for each full calendar year starting from 1 January. However, we recognise that the timing of members’ annual CPD programs may reflect other factors, such as the annual performance reviews or the CPD requirements of other professional bodies to which they belong. In these circumstances we may, at our discretion, recognise any such requirements. 

Yes, if you register and attend an ALUCA event, it will automatically be tracked against your CPD Logbook.

If you watch pre-recorded events or webinars, or read RiskeBusiness content, you will need to add these to your CPD Logbook manually.

All ALUCA accredited CPLI members will need to complete a minimum of 40 hours’ compulsory CPD in a 12-month period across 5 key CPD categories. However, 40 hours is only the minimum required by ALUCA; in practice, the figure required may exceed this, as the actual requirement will be determined by an individual’s development needs in any 12 month period and will also be a discussion that the member needs to have with their organisation. It is important to note that this CPD requirement is ordinarily undertaken as development activities during an individual’s employment, as opposed to being an additional requirement.   

The requirement for 40 hours or more of CPD is standard with other professional bodies.  It is also important to set a minimum number of hours of CPD per year as a benchmark for accredited members. ALUCA’s CPLI accreditation is an indication to the public that accredited members keep their professional knowledge current. During any 12-month period, we encourage members to carry out a variety of CPD activities to help them keep their knowledge up to date. There is no maximum to the amount of CPD the member can carry out.    

The intention of any CPD activity is to address an individual’s professional development needs. It is up to the individual member to determine which learning and development needs should be addressed via their continuous professional development.  

Members can then: 

  • Plan activities to address their learning and development needs (you may want to refer to ALUCA’s high level competency framework which sets out key competencies for different career stages) 
  • Carry out activities to meet these needs 
  • Record the time spent for each activity and maintaining a verifiable audit trail of these activities 
  • Create a statement of the objectives achieved (that is, answering questions like: “How this activity benefitted me professionally?”) and including information about what you learnt  

Each hour equals 1 CPD point. You should only count the actual time spent on the learning activity. For example, if you attend a conference, only count only time spent that addresses identified development needs. You should always exclude the time taken for tea/coffee breaks and lunch. 

Yes. The requirement to maintain your knowledge and therefore your competence to undertake your role, requires the completion of a minimum of 40 hours CPD, regardless of the total number of hours you work.  

The CPD requirements will be suspended for the duration of your career break. If your CPD record is selected for validation purposes, we will ask you to provide evidence confirming your break in work.  

If you are a current accredited member with another related industry body such as CII, ANZIIF, Actuaries Institute, PIEF, FINSIA, Medical, etc and you complete their CPD requirements you may submit those records if you are audited by ALUCA instead of an ALUCA CPD Logbook. However, this must be specific to life insurance (not general insurance) and you need to demonstrate the minimum number of hours across the 5 ALUCA CPD categories.  

No. You only need to submit your record if ALUCA requests to see it. We will randomly sample a selection of members’ records each year (as part of the CPD Audit) to check these have been fully and correctly completed.  

You will need to provide your CPD record showing:  

  1. The CPD activities you have undertaken in a 12-month period  
  2. The hours you have gained across the 5 categories  
  3. A statement/reflection of the objectives achieved against each activity. It is recommended that you keep any evidence of the activity you have completed, for example, a certificate of attendance, as we may ask to see this if your record is selected for review

Responsibility lies with each member as only they will know what development activity is required. Keep in mind that you will be required to meet a minimum number of hours across the 5 key CPD areas. {link to 5 categories page] 

Refer to the CPD activities page.

You can claim as many hours as you want, however you must meet the minimum hours across all the 4 key categories, and if required can make up additional hours in the General category.

The Ethics Centre is a fantastic resource for anyone needing to increase points in the Professionalism and Ethics category: https://ethics.org.au/

What is the list of suitable CPD activities?

Refer to the CPD activities page.