ALUCA Life Insurance Educational Courses are developed by the industry, for the industry.

ALUCA’s educational course content and learning outcomes are underpinned by a comprehensive, industry-specific competency framework. By completing a specialised ALUCA Industry Certificate Course, you can enhance your existing skillset – preparing life insurance professionals for now and for the future. 

Why Study with ALUCA? 

  • Specialist, Technical Education. ALUCA provides technical education specific to the life insurance industry. Our courses complement basic formal qualifications, with all course material written, analysed and scored by life insurance industry leaders. 
  • 100% Virtual Courses to Suit Your Schedule. ALUCA educational courses are 100% online, giving you the flexibility to adapt your training to suit your professional and personal needs. You will be guided throughout the program by an ALUCA Industry Facilitator/Mentor who will help you with learning activities. 
  • Industry Accreditation to Advance Your Career. ALUCA’s Certified Professional Life Insurance (CPLI) accreditation is one of the most prestigious and notable credentials for Australasian life insurance professionals. To apply for an ALUCA CPLI membership, you need to have gained both educational qualifications and years of experience in the life insurance industry. By completing an ALUCA educational course, you are awarded relevant EDU points that you can use towards your CPLI application. 
  • Affordable Further Education. ALUCA’s Industry Certificate Courses are one of the most competitive and affordable options in the market – helping life insurance professionals to enhance their skills and advance their careers sooner. 
  • Endorsed by ALUCA. As an association widely recognised throughout the life insurance industry, completing an educational course by ALUCA and adding this to your resume has the potential to attract future life insurance employers. 

ALUCA Industry Certificate Course: Life Insurance Foundational Underwriting and Claims Management 

ALUCA’s Foundational Life Insurance Industry Certificate Course is a self-paced online course delivered via our online learning platform – Moodle. 

The course is designed to help you reflect on the role of life insurance and draw on key concepts, issues and principles in the industry. As a result, you will understand how integrating and effectively managing foundational life insurance competencies empowers you to be more effective in achieving your organisation’s strategic goals in a rapidly changing regulatory and micro-environment. 

The course features 5 online modules, over 10 weeks. Modules progressively open each Monday. Each of the 5 course modules requires that you work through the online materials and complete them within a 2-week period, comprising assessment activities via multiple choice questions. The modules in this course include: 

Module 1 – Introduction to Life Insurance Products 
Module 2 – Financials, Occupation and Pastimes
Module 3 – Key Medical Conditions
Module 4 – Introduction to Legislation and Regulations
THEN choose either:
Module 5A – Underwriting Fundamentals
Module 5B – Claims Management Fundamentals 

Who should enrol?

This course is targeted at life insurance industry underwriting, claims and rehabilitation professionals who do not have any not have formal educational qualifications specific to life insurance who would like to ensure they keep their life insurance knowledge and competencies up to date and would like to progress their life insurance career. Examples of students include: 

  • Life insurance underwriting professionals 
  • Life insurance claims professionals 
  • Life insurance rehabilitation professionals 
  • Underwriters, claims and rehabilitation professionals from other industries 
  • Product managers 
  • Tele-underwriters 
  • Case Managers 
  • Administrative staff 

Future Courses 

The ALUCA Education Advisory Panel are working on building ALUCA-specific education programs designed to ensure members remain current and knowledgeable about the life insurance industry. The intermediate course is currently being developed and will be announced once ready for members. 

Watch this space! 

New to career or considering career in claims and underwriting: 

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