Life Insurance Competency Framework

The ALUCA competency framework defines the minimum standard required at each level of a life insurance underwriting, claims and rehabilitation roles.

ALUCA’s Life Insurance Competency Framework was first launched in November 2017. It was the culmination of over 12 month’s work with extensive collaboration led by a cross industry working party.  It anchors ALUCA’s cornerstone CPLI accreditation and CPD programs.

It is a high-level, best practice framework designed to: 

  • Articulate the professional competencies and minimum standard required at each level of underwriting, claims and rehabilitation roles 
  • Assist companies in setting competency standards and provide a transparent demonstration of the minimum competencies required for these roles 
  • Allow ALUCA members to develop their own career progression and competency development plans 
  • Links to CPLI accreditation and CPD programs to demonstrate compliance with these competencies 
  • Help to satisfy regulatory requirements  
  • Increase professionalism and standards across the industry 

The framework was updated in June 2019 and will continue to be updated to ensure its ongoing relevance. 

Special thanks to the UK’s Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) for their kind permission to use their best practice insurance framework that has been adapted for the Australian life insurance market by respected ALUCA life member Tony O’Leary from G & T Risk Management.