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ALUCA undertakes member research to provide you with a deeper understanding of the life insurance industry, shares external industry research, and member-produced papers on topics relevant to the future of the industry.

ALUCA is an agile and responsive because we listen to you, our members. We undertake regular member research to provide you with a greater understanding of our industry, and this can be accessed via the Members Centre, along with a range of industry insights from thought leaders and trusted external sources.

ALUCA’s Individual Disability Income Insurance (IDII) Financial Underwriting and Claims White Paper

Led by ALUCA National Board member Jo Hetherington from TAL, ALUCA’s IDII Working Group has developed an industry best practice framework for prudent financial underwriting and claims assessment of Individual Disability Income Insurance (IDII). The group was formed to address the ongoing sustainability of IDII, and more specifically, the sustainability issues in the financial underwriting and claims area based on recommendations from the Actuaries Institute DII Taskforce and APRA’s thematic review. 

The report aims to assist with the industry’s long-term market sustainability, while at the same time meeting the financial needs of customers. It outlines some practical applications, actions and recommendations for insurers, including a range of tools and risk matrix options. 

Within this report, the ALUCA Working Group identified 5 key areas they believed would have the biggest impact on the issue of IDII sustainability from a financial underwriting and claims perspective. 


IDII Financial Profiling Checklist Excel Calculator Tool

IDII Financial Profiling Checklist

Concept note short paper: Fairness in the Life Insurance System by the Actuaries Institute DI taskforce

One finding of the Actuaries Institute DI taskforce was that many stakeholders had lost sight of the fundamental nature of insurance. As a result, the Actuaries Institute, through the DI taskforce, published a short ‘concept note’ about ‘fairness in the life insurance industry’.


ALUCA is proud of our associations with our educational sponsorship partners.  

By belonging to ALUCA you can apply for a range of scholarships. These scholarships are awarded based on submitting papers on a pressing issue facing the life insurance industry. Please enjoy the winning and finalist papers that featured in the summer edition of RiskeBusiness 2019.