Global Resources

ALUCA is connected with both global and local industry partners, and provides tangible benefits, including information and resource sharing, to our members as a result of this. They include:

Actuaries Institute (Australia)
They represent the actuarial profession in Australia w:

AHOU : Association of Home Office Underwriters ( USA )
Knowledge and networking for underwriters in USA     w:

ALU : Academy of Life Underwriting ( USA)
Devoted to life, health, and disability underwriting and risk education   w:

AMIM: American Academy of Insurance Medics (USA)
To advance the practice of insurance medicine : w:

AMUS: Assurance Medical and Underwriting Society (UK)
They provide and educational and social environment to increase knowledge amongst medical underwriters and insurance doctors. They offer a Diploma in Medical Underwriting   w:

CII : Chartered Insurance Institute (UK)
A professional organisation in the UK for those working in the insurance and financial services industries   w:

CIU Canadian Institute of Underwriters
A long-standing insurance industry based association dedicated to the exchange of ideas on the current issues and challenges that our CIU members face in the field of underwriting w:

CLIMOA: Canadian Life Insurance Medical Officers Association
An organisation dedicated to the development and coordination of Doctors and others working in the health and life insurance industry. w:

FSC: Financial Services Council (Australia)
The Financial Services Council (FSC) full members represent Australia’s retail and wholesale funds management businesses, superannuation funds, life insurers, financial advisory networks and licensed trustee companies. The FSC promotes best practice for the financial services industry by setting mandatory standards for its members and providing guidance notes to assist in operational efficiency. They have developed the life insurance industry’s code of conduct w:

FOCUS: Forum of Claims and Underwriting (Scotland)
An organisation for underwriting and claims professionals     w:

Health Claims Forum (UK)
A life insurance industry organisation whose purpose is to improve claims management w:

Health Insurance Society (Ireland)
For underwriters and claims assessors in Ireland’s life and health insurance industry w:

IUA : International Underwriting Association (UK)
An organisation for non-Lloyd’s international and wholesale insurance and reinsurance companies operating in the London market. w:

Insurance News ( USA)
Provides news and relevant information on the Life insurance, Health insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance in USA

ICLAM : International Committee of Insurance Medicine USA
Is an independent non-profit organisation for insurance medicine. w:

Is a NZ forum based in Wellington and Auckland for the ongoing education and professional development of their members in life and disability claims and underwriting professionals

LOMA: Life office Management Association USA
This is an educational organization that focuses on the life insurance business w:

LUCID Conference UK
The UK’s Lucid conference is a collaboration of Industry Underwriting and Claims clubs throughout the UK.     w:

NAHU: National Association of Health Underwriters (USA)
They advance public knowledge for the need and benefit of health insurance products and services in USA   w :

Risk Management Society (USA)
An USA based organisation for risk professionals w:

SAUMA : South African Underwriting Managers Association
An organisation for underwriters in South African   w:

Select 74 : (UK)
Select74 is for life and disability underwriting and claims professionals in the UK w:

Society of Actuaries (USA)
They represent the actuarial profession in USA  w: