Membership fees

Review the annual fees for your ALUCA membership. Fees vary depending on the type of membership held.

As a member-run association, 100% of ALUCA’s membership fees are used to provide value to our members.  

Membership is on a calendar year basis from 1 January to 31 December*. 

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars (AUD)

Member levelAnnual FeeAdmin FeeGSTTOTAL
ORDINARY MEMBER $200 + GST $50 + GST $25.00 $275.00 
Accredited levels CPLI Certified     
AFFILIATE (Aff CPLI) $250 + GST $75 + GST $32.50 $357.50 
ASSOCIATE (Assoc CPLI) $250 + GST $75 + GST $32.50 $357.50 
ASSOCIATE FELLOW (Assoc Fellow CPLI) $250 + GST $75 + GST $32.50 $357.50 
FELLOW (Fellow CPLI) $250 + GST $75 + GST $32.50 $357.50  

NOTE: If you join part-way through a year, the following applies:
– Between January and June, your fee will be as above carrying through to the end of the current year;
– Between July and September, your fee will be for 18 months carrying through to the end of the following year;
– Between October and December your fee will be for 15 months, carrying through to the end of the following year.

Review the full membership terms and conditions on our Terms and conditions page.

Is my ALUCA Membership renewed?

When you log into the Members portal, on the top ribbon, right hand side, you will be prompted to renew your membership. Click Renew Membership and follow the instructions.

If you think your membership is or should be part of a group renewal, please contact the secretariat on 02 9431 8654 or