CPD point categories

There are five (5) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) categories in the ALUCA CPD program.

ALUCA CPD points are split across 5 CPD categories, which each have a minimum CPD requirement.  

To maintain CPLI accreditation, members need to meet the minimum 40 CPD points criteria each year, in addition to ensuring they’ve covered the minimum requirements for each of the 5 CPD categories.  

Key takeaways 

  • 1 hour of effort generally equals 1 CPD point
  • Minimum of 40 CPD points per year to maintain CPLI accreditation
  • The 40 CPD points must cover the 5 ALUCA CPD categories and meet the minimum requirements of each category
  • Plus, all CPLI members must watch and pass an annual ALUCA mandatory Regulatory & Ethics Webinar worth 5 CPD points 

The 5 CPD categories

The CPD categories directly link to the outcomes available in the ALUCA competency framework, which you can read about on the Life Insurance Competency Framework page

CategoryCoveringDetailRelationship to the ALUCA life insurance competency framework
Technical life insurance CPD points categoryBUSINESS, TECHNICAL and SPECIALIST
min 15 hours 
An activity designed to help build any of business, technical and/or specialist competencies  It links with the Business, Technical & Specialist Competencies in ALUCA’s Competency Framework
Customer life insurance CPD points categoryCUSTOMER CARE
min 5 hours 
An activity designed to enhance and build a member’s customer focus.  The customer is central to all our activities and is fundamental across ALUCA’s Competencies shown in Section 6b) Understanding the Customer in the ALUCA Competencies document.  
Regulatory life insurance CPD points categoryREGULATORY
min 5 hours  
An activity designed to enhance a member’s understanding of applicable regulatory and legal obligations and how to comply with them to ensure consumer protection.    Legal and regulatory issues are specifically dealt with in the ALUCA Specialist Competencies in Sections 7c), 7d), 8c), 9c) and 10c).  
Professionalism and ethics life insurance CPD points categoryPROFESSIONALISM and ETHICS
Min 5 hours  
An activity to enhance the member’s capacity to act as an ethical professional.   
General Life Insurance CPD points categoryGENERAL
No minimum  
An activity designed to enhance professional capabilities, knowledge and skills.   

CPD Logbook 

As a CPLI member, you are required to keep a record of your CPD activities. The CPD Logbook starts on 1 January each year and must be completed by 31 December of the same year. 

The CPD Logbook is in the ALUCA Members Centre

CPD audit 

Annual random CPD audits will be undertaken so it is important that you keep a record of all your professional development activities. You can do this via the self-serve online CPD points tracking tool in ALUCA’s Member Centre.