Apply for a CPLI membership

Apply for an ALUCA Certified Professional Life Insurance (CPLI) membership by downloading, completing and submitting the CPLI application form, along with your supporting evidence.

To apply for an ALUCA CPLI membership, you need to have gained both educational qualifications and years of experience in Life Insurance specific to claims, underwriters and rehabilitation professionals.  

Refer to the CPLI Levels and CPLI Educational Requirements pages for more.  

Membership application form 

Complete your ALUCA CPLI accredited membership application in the Members Centre.

NOTE: Once you start an ALUCA CPLI application, you can find it in the Members Centre. Simply log in and navigate to ‘My CPLI applications’.

Remember, you will need to provide: 

  • Certified copies* of educational qualifications 
  • A current resume to support the application – signed by your Manager 
  • Proof of time spent working in the life insurance industry 

CPLI timeframe and next steps

Once you have completed the relevant application form with all supporting paperwork and signatures, this can then be sent to ALUCA’s secretariat at: 

All applications will then be sent to ALUCA’s education panel consisting of several Board members and life members. An ALUCA education panel meet quarterly to consider all pending applications. Thus, this process can take up to 3 months. 

For new members we will process higher level membership applications at ordinary membership level so you can take full advantage of ALUCA’s many membership benefits. 

Current members will remain at their existing level until their application has been approved at the higher level. 

*For details on certified copies, review the CPLI FAQs.