Professional accreditation

The Certified Professional Life Insurance (CPLI) is ALUCA’s professional accreditation standard for the life insurance industry, aimed at improving the education and professional standards of life insurance professionals.

ALUCA believes a strong and successful industry stands on the quality of its practitioners.  

To ensure the ongoing quality of practitioners in the life insurance industry, ALUCA has built their own professional accreditation, the Certified Professional Life Insurance (CPLI).  

The CPLI aims to strengthen the careers and professionalism of our members, and simultaneously strengthen the life insurance industry’s reputation. 

Professional accreditation via the ALUCA CPLI: 

  • Provides an objective means for distinguishing individuals who can meet recognised professional standards  
  • Strengthens the careers and professionalism of accredited members 
  • Strengthens the industry’s reputation with business and the community 
  • Helps build individual competencies through continuous learning