Certified Professional Life Insurance (CPLI)

CPLI strengthens careers, and the industry’s reputation, by distinguishing those who have met recognised professional standards and are committed to continuous professional development.

The Certified Professional Life Insurance (CPLI) is a professional accreditation for ALUCA members with life insurance industry experience, knowledge and expertise.

The CPLI program strengthens careers, and the industry’s reputation, by providing an objective means for distinguishing those who have met recognised professional standards and are committed to continuous professional development.

Whether you’re starting out or want recognition for your life insurance career achievements so far, an ALUCA CPLI membership will demonstrate your capabilities and commitment.

Alicia Gibbs

ALUCA Rehab Group Chair and CPLI Associate Member Alicia Gibbs reveals why she decided to become CPLI accredited, how easy it is to apply as well as her thoughts on accumulating CPD points.

Lucy Hartley

As an Associate Fellow CPLI Member and ALUCA Board Member, Lucy describes the process of applying for CPLI, the wide range of CPD activities on offer that can be tailored to suit each individual, the benefits she has experienced as well as why being CPLI accredited is important to her.

Carola Moore

ALUCA Board Member and CPLI Member Carola Moore describes how she became affiliated officially to ALUCA, what drove her to apply, overcoming the barrier of “Busy-ness Syndrome” and what she is hoping to achieve with her CPLI accreditation.

Roger Clark

ALUCA Associate Fellow Roger Clark describes his Certified Professional Life Insurance (CPLI) experience, why his whole claims team became accredited as well as outlining their and overall feedback.

Tony O’Leary

Watch Tony O’Leary, ALUCA CPLI Fellow and Life Member, as he outlines the importance and value of accreditation to individuals, employers and the broader life industry.

Benefits of an ALUCA CPLI membership

Accredited ALUCA CPLI members are able use the CPLI post-nominals: Jane Smith, Assoc CPLI (ALUCA). The benefits of being recognised as an accredited CPLI member include: 

  • Objective evidence of underwriters, claims and rehabilitation professionals’ relevant industry experience, expertise, and education 
  • Provides a best-practice roadmap for skills and career development through our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program 
  • Provides access to the latest industry insight and learning, ensuring CPLI members are equipped for their role, now and in the future 
  • Shows that you meet the high-level requirements of the ALUCA Life Insurance Competency Framework 

Who can be an accredited ALUCA CPLI member?

To be considered for an ALUCA CPLI membership, you must: 

  • Be an ALUCA member  
  • Be a life insurance professional: this includes underwriters, claims managers/assessors and rehabilitation advisor members 
  • Have at least 2+ years life insurance industry experience 
  • Have a minimum level of education qualifications 

Note: you can still join ALUCA as an ordinary member if you do not have life insurance industry experience  

Maintaining your CPLI with CPD points

All CPLI members MUST be able to demonstrate they are keeping their technical skills and knowledge updated via gaining a minimum of 40 CPD points in the calendar year. CPD points are granted to completion of short courses and ongoing education.

CPLI members must also abide by ALUCA’s Code of Ethics and FSC’s Code of Practice. It is also mandatory to attend/view an annual ALUCA webinar regarding regulatory requirements and/or ethics. 

ALUCA Life Insurance Competency Framework  

The ALUCA CPLI accreditation is anchored by the ALUCA Life Insurance Competency Framework. This high-level, best practice framework underpins the CPLI and CPD programs, and provides articulates the competencies required at each level of Underwriting, Claims and Rehabilitation roles to the benefit of employers, employees and the industry.