The ALUCA Life Insurance Excellence Awards celebrate the high standards set by ALUCA members in the life insurance industry.


Congratulations 2023 ALUCA Award Finalists

Leadership Finalists

  • Jo Pavlides – MetLife Australia
  • Miranda Wozniak – QSuper part of Australian Retirement Trust
  • Mitali Waghmare – AIA Australia
  • Rebecca Meiklejohn – AIA Australia

Professional Finalists

  • Alex Kelly – MLC Life Insurance
  • Lauren Moulton – AIA Australia
  • Melissa Andrew – Hannover Life Re

Rehabilitation Finalists

  • June Khaw – Hannover Life Re
  • Lauren Chiera – AIA Australia
  • Lynley Moore – MetLife Australia
  • Melissa Colonna – MetLife Australia

Rising Star Finalists

  • Brooke Maddison – MetLife Australia
  • Kieran Seenan – MLC Life Insurance
  • Lisa Gregory – QSuper part of Australian Retirement Trust
  • Samantha Martin – AIA Australia

David Mico Education Finalists

  • Michele Castles – AIA Australia
  • Rebekah Raftopoulos – Workcom

Underwriting Team Finalists

  • ClearView Underwriting Team – ClearView
  • TAL Underwriting Risk & Strategy Team – TAL
  • Zurich Group Underwriting – Zurich

Claims Team Finalists

  • Corporate and Retail Claims Team – MetLife Australia
  • Munich Re Life Claims Team – Munich Re
  • Retail Claims Fast Track (RCFT) Team – MLC Life Insurance

Customer Service Team Finalists

  • Customer Experience Team – Integrity Life
  • Health Connect (Teleinterview) – Zurich & OnePath
  • QInsure Claims Team – QSuper part of Australian Retirement Trust
  • Strategy and Recovery Team – MetLife Australia

Innovation Team Finalists

  • Hesta Claims and Rehab Team – AIA Australia
  • MetLife 360Health Team – MetLife Australia
  • TAL Retirement – Group Longevity Insurance – TAL
  • Zurich Digital Underwriting Team – Zurich

An enjoyable, positive event to connect with fellow ALUCA members and peers, ALUCA’s Life Insurance Excellence Awards night celebrates all that is good about the industry and the incredible, dedicated talent we have within it. All award submissions are judged by industry leaders from various disciplines. 

6th Annual ALUCA Life Insurance Excellence Awards 

Awards Night: Thursday 8 June 2023 at Darling Harbour in Sydney.

The ALUCA Life Insurance Excellence Awards celebrates the value that great life insurance underwriting, claims, rehabilitation and other professionals and services contribute to the industry.  They also provide an opportunity for the best in the profession to recognise the fantastic work being done by their peers and colleagues.   

Winning or being shortlisted as a finalist for an ALUCA Life Insurance Excellence Award is an incredible achievement – they are called Life Insurance Excellence Awards to reflect the best practice and excellence that we are looking for.  


Thursday 8th June 2023 at Darling Harbour in Sydney

The awards are open to all members of ALUCA regardless of country of residence. Each entrant for an individual award must be a current financial member of ALUCA and for team entries more than 50% of team members who submit a team member entry must be active financial ALUCA members i.e. members must have been financial prior to submitting an entry.  

Members of ALUCA can either nominate themselves or another member, if they have achieved great work in an award category. A member may also nominate their team for the team award categories if they feel they have contributed excellent business outcomes over and above business as usual.  Leaders can also nominate, self-nominate or be nominated by another member.   

An ALUCA Board member can only be nominated as part of a team submission. Not individually. 


PLEASE NOTE The submission must relate to 01.01.2022 to 31.12.2022. If any activity has occurred prior to 2022 or in 2023 it will not be judged for that.  Nominees must be current ALUCA members, plus meet the criteria for each award as specified.

All Award Nomination submissions MUST include ALL of the following (max 1,250 words plus supporting documentation):   

  1. Name of the nominee (individual or team)   
  2. Summary declaration: max 250 words. “Why you, your colleague, or a team deserves the award… how did they go above and beyond?”   
  3. Address key criteria: max 1,000 words (max 750 for the David Mico Education award)  
  4. Supporting documentation/testimonials (limit of 4 supporting documents)   
  5. 50% of the TEAM must also be ALUCA members (for team awards only).   

NOTE: Once you start your application and save it, you can then add more files to your submission by logging into the Members Centre > Profile > My Award Submission and click on the AWD00000 number.


  1. Log into the ALUCA Members Centre  
  2. Navigate to the AWARDS TAB  
  3. Follow the instructions  
  4. Please name supporting files for uploading. (ie. NomineeName-Company-Catergory-1of 5)   
  5. Don’t forget the Managers Confirmation.  

Download a Managers Confirmation Form HERE


Main Submission – Word or PDF only (Upload 1 file)
Manager Confirmation – (Upload 1 file)
Supporting Documentation – Word, PDF, Images(JPG or PNG), Powerpoint, Excel (Max 4 supporting files)
NOTE: – Maximum file size for supporting documents – 10MB
– For Video submissions – please send us a link.