Investing in new technology platforms for improved member experience

We're investing in platforms to increase member engagement and accreditation standards.

To ensure an ALUCA membership and the CPLI accreditation retain their value and esteem, we’ve been investing in platforms to deliver a more engaging, easy-to-use member experience.

The new ALUCA website has been launched with a restructured navigation and enhanced content to make key information easier to access.

Additionally, the new Members Centre provides a simpler way to track, record and manage your Continuing Professional Development points. The knock-on effect is to ensure your CPLI remains current, retaining the prestige and value in this sought-after post-nominal.

We’re also currently investigating a new learning management system, which will formalise assessments of life insurance capabilities, again further reinforcing the quality of our certified members.

It’s an exciting time, and one which we’re excited to be sharing with you. As always, please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.