Watch: Insights for Effective Communications

Effective communication is crucial to help life insurance professionals meet their insurer and procedural obligations, and to provide the best possible customer experience.   Exclusive to members, ALUCA is pleased to share the ‘Effective Communications’ webinar by Gerry Davies & Catherine McAdams, Partners at Moray & Agnew; and Paul Hastings, Principal, LifeRisk Insurance Solutions.  This webinar reveals the key factors of life insurance communication, including:  An overview of insurer obligations Discussion about

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2021 checklist – get ready for the year ahead

2021 is here. To keep you at the forefront of industry insight, we’ve compiled an ALUCA 2021 checklist.   Which ones are you going to check off?  1. Get accredited  Get one of the most prestigious, renowned industry accreditations for life insurance professionals in 2021. Apply for the ALUCA Certified Professional Life Insurance (CPLI) certification today. 

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Watch: The Impact of Longevity on Underwritten Annuities

Back by popular demand, this webinar from late 2020 takes us into the world of unwritten annuities with David Shuvalov, Head of Retails & Structure Solutions at HLRA.  In this webinar exclusive to ALUCA members, David addresses the life industry’s solution to the ageing population, the impact of social support reducing, as

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